About us

Zizwe was established in 2003 to form a local B-BBEE Company in the Eastern Bushveld Complex ranging from Steelpoort to Polokwane.

Initially Zizwe entered into a partnership with Fraser Alexander to offer bulk earthworks, bulk materials handling and opencast mining services.

In 2006 a strategic decision was taken to develop the Company into a major individual player as a Mining Services Company.

The focus was to grow the business in the Steelpoort Valley but soon the business expanded to North West and Mpumalanga.

In 2017 Zizwe acquired Fraser Alexander Bulk Mech in order to increase its footprint by expanding its services into the coal market.

In 2017 Zizwe moved into its Head office in Middelburg.
Zizwe believes in strategic long-term partnerships with all shareholders in its business.
51% black owned
ISO 45001:2018 certified
ISO 9001:2015 certified
ISO 14001:2015 certified
DQS certified
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Mission, Vision and values

Our service will be delivered:
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Without harming the environment
To become the preferred supplier in the opencast mining, crushing & screening and raw material handling industry in South Africa.
We will invest, develop and retain our employees in ensuring continuous service
We will conduct our business in a manner that will add value to all stakeholders
We will grow organically through our core business into selected commodities to spread our risk

Company structure


Due to the evolving times, we have established ways to incorporate our Corporate Social Responsibility as an integrated initiative into both our existing and pre-planned mining projects with all our various clients. As a core contractor, our responsibilities will never be of the same magnitude compared to the typical mining houses, however, our participation is visible and as a proudly Level 2 B-BBEE contributor, it can be measured and accounted for.

Through partnerships with relevant “local/doorstep” stakeholders, we are able to develop SMMEs and communities on the following aspects:

Socio-Economic Development which includes education, health, basic needs, community projects, etc.
Supplier Development by mainly identifying suitable local suppliers and SMMEs and providing them with mentorship and operational assistance for them to provide quality work on a sustainable basis, taking cognizance of Zizwe’s various “fit-for-purpose” SMME development models i.e., joint ventures, “carve out” and set-aside projects, sub-contracting, equipment transfer projects, etc.

Our Enterprise Development strategy aims to establish transferable skills and sustainable enterprises to support the local economy, even beyond the life of mine within the relevant local communities.