From the CEO’s desk: Covid-19 update

From the CEO’s desk: Covid-19 update

Our president stated in the address to the nation last night that travel restrictions, school closures and restrictions on mass gatherings will be implemented in attempt to curb the spread of the Corona Virus.

Health Minister Zweli Mkhize suggests that Government is doing everything they can to avoid further restrictions.

The virus is believed to have a lower survival rate in warmer climates which should count in our favour, although the seasonal aspect of the virus has not yet been determined. South Africa has still one of the lowest rates of Corona cases and statistics reveal that a large number of patients who caught the virus did in fact recover.

The company undertakes to supply information regarding the Covid – 19 as frequently as possible to our personnel and stakeholders. We are running an internal campaign to ensure the communication of facts to ensure our employees are informed and stay calm.

Zizwe operations will go on as normal although I urge all our personnel to strictly adhere to the precautions communicated.

I would like to conclude that we as a nation should not panic and let this pandemic lead to an economic crisis, we should support the local businesses and have the necessary discernment to act within the advised restrictions.

South Africa has survived worse and if we stand together this can also be history sooner than we might think!


Kobie Pruis


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