Introducing Zizwe Bulk Mech

Introducing Zizwe Bulk Mech

Zizwe Bulk Mech: The (adopted) sibling

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

This is the message that was delivered by a motivational speaker at a division function. Prior to the speaker’s message, the groundwork for the overall theme was evidently already laid by Bulk Mech Director, Tlou Poopedi. What I love about this team is how the focus is on keeping each other accountable and also how personal goals and passions are supported.

Bulk Mech slogan: “Protect & grow”

Zizwe Bulk Mech is the Materials Handling division of Zizwe. Bulk Mech was adopted by the Zizwe family with the acquisition of Fraser Alexander Bulk Mech on the 1st of May 2017. Zizwe Bulk Mech is currently operating on twelve different sites and their clients include Glencore, Anglo American Coal, Wescoal and Universal Coal.

Bulk Mech operations include Discard Handling, Re-mining of the discard dumps, Train Loading and Truck Loading. Our Discard Handling contracts are to transport the discard material emanating from our client’s coal processing plants, to the Discard Dump facility. The discard is then placed in layers on the dumps and compacted to ensure that no spontaneous combustion occurs. Compaction testing is carried out to make sure that the specified compaction is achieved.


Some of the Discard material still has value to our clients, especially in older dumps that were constructed at a time when the processing plants were not as efficient as today. This is the second type of service that we provide, namely Re-mining. Re-mining is simply the transporting of discard material back to the client’s plants for reprocessing.


The final type of service we provide is Train Loading, which is exactly that, simply loading the coal on the trains, however, it is not as straightforward as it sounds. Over/ under- loaded train wagons can create an imbalance which can result in dangerous situations. This operation embodies the phrase “time is money.” Train handling time (THT) is one of the determining factors for this operation’s success.


Tlou Poopedi (Bulk Mech Director) measures Bulk Mech’s success on happy people, satisfied clients, financial and safety consistency and growth. Zizwe Bulk Mech is always searching the market for new opportunities and solutions in order to grow the division and to stay relevant. This division is an exceptional example of teamwork and a pillar of Zizwe Opencast Mining.

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