Zizwe CEO gives some insights on SME partnerships

Zizwe CEO gives some insights on SME partnerships

With how many SME’s do you have partnerships?

We currently have two joint ventures, i.e. Zizwe Batlaste (Pty) Ltd and Jagdlust Joint Venture, a further five partnerships with SME’s and twelve with ME’s.

What is your objective with the SME’s you have partnerships with?

Our primary purpose is to develop sustainable businesses within the communities where we operate. We recruit SME’s from the local environment of the specific site, contract them as preferential suppliers, and support them with enterprise development initiatives.

How do you decide who to have partnerships with?

Usually the community leaders would suggest candidates, which we then evaluate for their suitainability. We aim to work with professional, purpose-driven, and passionate partners. They need to comply with our requirements in terms of their service offering, their B-BBEE status, and specified client needs. We work in very close proximity with our SME’s, which requires transparency and hard work from both parties, to ensure a sustainable and mutually beneficial relationship.
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