More than 150 years 
of experience in the 
mining industry

Zizwe specialises in bulk earthworks, bulk materials handling, drilling, blasting, opencast mining, crushing, screening and rehabilitation

Zizwe opencast mining

The Management team at Zizwe prides itself on more than 150 years of experience in Bulk Earthworks, Bulk Materials Handling, Drilling and Blasting, Mining, Crushing and Screening and Rehabilitation.
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Zizwe's strong client relationships and new contracts drive success in sustainable mining industry

By Kamilla Venter Tags 
Renowned mining company Zizwe continues to thrive by prioritising the establishment of strong partnerships with reputable clients involved in sustainable commodity extraction within its operational areas. With a focus on fostering long-term relationships with esteemed industry leaders, Zizwe contributes to the mining of essential resources such as platinum, coal and chrome. The extension of numerous […]
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Accountability in the Workplace

By Kamilla Venter Tags 
Our Accountability in the Workplace Training officially kicked off in April, presented by Chris Lombard. Accountability is the acceptance and obligation to carry out a responsibility. This includes being answerable for decisions, actions, and outcomes. It is an obligation and willingness to accept responsibility for one’s actions. Accountability is beneficial in many ways, including personal […]
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i-Zizwe | Letter from Management

By Kamilla Venter Tags 
Zizwe is renowned for our main strategy to secure business with good Clients that mine sustainable commodities within our operating areas. Our focus is to retain our relationship with blue chip clients, like Seriti, Anglo, Glencore, Samancor and Thungela, who in turn mine Platinum, Coal and Chrome. We’ve managed to extend all Samancor contracts for […]
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