Accountability in the Workplace

Our Accountability in the Workplace Training officially kicked off in April, presented by Chris Lombard. Accountability is the acceptance and obligation to carry out a responsibility. This includes being answerable for decisions, actions, and outcomes. It is an obligation and willingness to accept responsibility for one’s actions.

Accountability is beneficial in many ways, including personal benefits, as well as benefits for a team or Organisation. Accountability represents a form of trust, which is a fundamental trait for employees to have.

The practice of accountability can involve power being transferred from one individual to another. In the workplace, being accountable means taking this power and owning it. In other words, employees should respect their everyday obligations to perform their best and work toward building the business. Accountability will help to avoid negligence or misconduct in the workplace. Each employee is accountable to carry out specific tasks, however, the employer will also be accountable for controlling and directing the team.

Exco and management teams have completed the first round of training sessions which consists of 10 modules in order to effectively integrate Accountability throughout the organisation.

- pg. 11, i-Zizwe 2023